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Rental Requirements:


Application Convenience Fee: $39.99 per applicant

Each individual 18 years and older must fill out a separate application. Only non-smokers are considered.

Application to be submitted via instructions online via MUST include 2 months of
recent paystubs or any form of income along with a photo copy of an ID for every person 18 years of age.

Email Address:

All residents must show proof of legal and verifiable income. If employed, applicants must submit (3) months of
recent paystubs showing they make at least 3x the monthly rent. Employer will be contacted to verify employment.
Other sources of income could include, but are not limited to, tax returns, bank statements, 1099’s, proof of
government payments, trust fund income, student loan or grant award documents, and court orders for child or
spousal support.

Rental History:
At least 12 months of rental history or homeownership is required. Applicants must provide recent rental history and
a verifiable contact from their current or most recent landlord. Must have good references concerning rental
payment, housekeeping & property maintenance from all previous landlords. Proper notice must be given. No
outstanding money can be owed to a landlord or Property Management company, and NO EVICTIONS.

Criminal Background Check and Credit Check:
Lenco Properties will conduct a criminal background check and a credit check for each applicant. Must show
favorable credit history.

  Pet Policy:  Pets are accepted on a case by case basis.  No large dogs (30lbs and over) & no vicious breeds.

  If accepted, there is a $300 pet fee per pet and an additional $30/month per pet added to monthly rent.  

I.D. Required:
Each applicant 18 years of age and over will be required to produce a photo I.D. (i.e. a driver's license or other
government issued photo identification card)

Security Deposit Requirements:
If the Application is approved, Applicant has 24 hours to pay in the Security Deposit and/or other monies requested
by Agent. If Applicant fails to post the Security Deposit within the allotted 24 hours, Agent shall thereafter be free
to rent the Premises to other Applicants. After the applicant pays a deposit to hold the Property and Agent removes it
from the market, the related funds are at risk of forfeiture. If Applicant fails to sign the lease and pay the first
month's rent within 2 weeks of approval, Lenco Properties shall retain all moneys received as liquidated damages for
lost rentals and expenses incurred. If the Premises become unavailable, after approval of the Application, the Agent
shall refund all monies paid to the Applicant. Security Deposit Payment to be made by money order, or by cashier’s check,

or (at agent's discretion) online via our website

Denied Applications:
Any applicant who does not meet the above requirements, or does not submit the required documents at time of
application. Applicants will automatically be denied if all documents are not completed and submitted within (3)
business days, along with fully processed application fees.

Note: Per Oklahoma state law, the number of occupants per bedroom is limited to 2.

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